The company “KhaosMarani” was founded in 2013 and since the same year its products are on the market of wines and alcoholic beverages. The main office and warehouse terminal of the company is located in Gurjaani. The company-owned production facilities guarantee for “KhaosMarani” to produce the highest quality products by international standards.

The company “KhaosMarani” specializes in the production of wines and other alcoholic drinks using Georgian traditional, European, as well as innovative technologies. The company cooperates with its regular partners both in the domestic market of Georgia and in Europe and Asia.

The mission of the company to produce natural, high-quality Georgian wine and other alcoholic beverages; to provide both domestic and foreign markets with top quality products and reasonable prices.

Our task is to implement a reliable and multi-stage method of product quality control, that ensures compliance with the highest world standards.

The main direction of the company’s development is the production of alcoholic beverages based on unique Georgian, as well as proven European technologies. The company is also sensitive regarding to the market and customer requirements.

The object of constant monitoring of the company’s management are current trends in the market of wines and alcoholic beverages, which are reflected in the products manufactured by the company and satisfy the requirements and desires of consumers. The whole process of collecting, pressing, fermenting, boiling, storing wine, including delivery of products to the consumer, is constantly monitored, because our goal is to produce high quality wine.