The company "Khaos Marani" was founded and has been on the market of wine and alcoholic products since 2013. The company's main office and warehouse terminal are located in Gurjaan. The production capacities owned by the company determine the possibility of "Khaos Marani" to produce products corresponding to the highest world standards.
"Khaos Marani" company specializes in the production of wine and other alcoholic beverages using traditional Georgian, European and also innovative technologies. The company cooperates with permanent partners both in the domestic market of Georgia, as well as in European and Asian countries.
The company's mission is to produce natural, high-quality Georgian wine and other alcoholic products; Providing both internal and external markets with the best products in terms of quality and prices.
Our task is realized by the method of continuous and multi-level control over the quality of products, which determines its compliance with the highest world standards.
The main direction of the company's development is the production of alcoholic products using unique Georgian and also proven European technologies; The company is also sensitive to market and customer requirements.
Current trends in the market of wine and alcoholic products are the object of constant observation of the company's management, which permanently finds expression in the products produced by the company, so that they are in constant compliance with the growing demands and wishes of consumers. The entire process of grape picking, pressing, fermentation, fermentation, wine storage, including the delivery of the product to the customer, is constantly controlled, as we believe that our mission is to produce high-quality wine.